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Football Factory


What you need to know before you arrive:

The lead booker must ask all team members the following questions prior to attending.

  • Is anyone confirmed as positive for Covid-19 or awaiting results from Covid-19 testing?
  • Is anyone shielded in the household as a result of receiving a letter from their GP instructing them to do so?
  • Is anyone self-isolating due to recent travel and/or close contact with a confirmed case?
  • Is anyone self-isolating as a precautionary measure (either on a voluntary basis or from employer instruction)?
  • Is anyone in the household experiencing symptoms such as a new persistent cough, high temperature or a loss of smell or taste?

 If you or a member of your team answers yes to any of the questions, you will not be allowed to participate.

  • Arrive dressed for the activity – changing facilities will not be available
  • Please bring your own ball

On arrival:

  • Sanitise hands prior to playing
  • 7 a-side enter via hut, leave by grass pitch
  • 5 a-side enter via hut, leave by car park gate

How to book:

  • Bookings can be made by calling reception on 02892 672121. You will have to complete a booking form. 
  • Casual bookings can be made 1 week in advance
  • For block bookings, please email