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Changes to the Online Booking System

Changes to the Online Booking System

13 August 2021

We would like to advise customers of upcoming changes to the online booking system.  A planned update will take place on the evening of Tuesday 17 August 2021 at approximately 11.00pm.  This will result in a period of downtime for online services.

Customers will notice from Wednesday 18 August 2021 that the display screen in the online portal will look slightly different.

You will now be able to see a list of all bookings which will include activity ticket bookings (swimming / ice skating/ bowling). 
A summary of changes are further explained below. Please note screen shots have been provided as examples and may vary slightly. 

  • Once logged in, you should navigate to the ‘Make Bookings' tab to start your booking:

  • From here, you can select the ‘Drop in Bookings’ tab to book an activity or class.

  • The ‘Drop in Timetables’ tab will display the class timetable for each centre.

Activity Tickets 
(Tenpin bowling, ice skating, swimming)

Browse Tickets Tab
This will take you through to where you can browse activity tickets available to buy.

View Bookings Tab
View My Bookings - This page will take you through to your list of bookings

Thank you for your patience while adjusting to these new changes.