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For your safety using Mission Inflatable, please adhere to the following safety rules

  • You MUST be a minimum age of 6 years old
  • Children aged 6-7 years MUST always be accompanied by an adult on a 1:1 basis
  • Children age 8 years + can go on the inflatable on their own.
  • You must NEVER remove your buoyancy aid
  • Only go down slides feet first and make sure there isn’t another bather at the bottom of the slide before you go down slide.
  • No goggles, masks, shoes, jewellery, watches or hard objects to be worn.
  • NO diving or swimming under the inflatable at any time.
  • NO diving off the inflatable.
  • NO hanging/swinging on the tethered ropes of the inflatable.
  • NO attempting to push people off the inflatable.
  • You must jump/walk forward onto the inflatable.
  • NO running on poolside.
  • ALWAYS listen and obey instructions from the lifeguard
  • Do NOT access the inflatable until instructed to do so by the lifeguard.
  • When you fall from the inflatable, swim straight to the pool edge and exit pool.
  • NO admittance to the inflatable if you are pregnant.