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Summer in the City

For the ultimate summer of fun and excitement check out our 'Summer in the City' 2023 programme available across the Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council area. We have a range of summer activity schemes, sports camps and activity courses ​to make sure your little rascals are well entertained throughout July and August. There are even sessions for adults too!

Summer Activity Schemes

Age - 5 - 13 years

CentreDatesTimesAge RangeCost
Dundonald International Ice Bowl3rd-7th July9am-4pm5-13 years£68
14th-18th August9am-4pm5-13 years£68
Lagan Valley LeisurePlex3rd-7th July9am-4pm5-13 years£75
17th-21st July9am-4pm5-13 years£75
24th-28th July9am-4pm5-13 years£75
31st July- 4th August9am-4pm5-13 years£75
7th-11th August9am-4pm5-13 years£75
14-18th August9am-4pm5-13 years£75
Lough Moss Leisure Centre17th-21st July9am-3pm5-13 years£56
24th-28th July9am-3pm5-13 years£56
31st July- 4th August9am-3pm5-13 years£56
7th-11th August9am-3pm5-13 years£56
Grove Activity Centre3rd-7th July10am-3pm5-13 years£49
17th-21st July10am-3pm5-13 years£49
24th-28th July10am-3pm5-13 years£49
Glenmore Activity Centre31st July- 4th August10am-3pm5-13 years£49
7th-11th August10am-3pm5-13 years£49
14-18th August10am-3pm5-13 years£49

Sports Camps

Kids Multi Sports CampBallybeen Sports Hub8-13 years31st July- 4th August10am-1pm£20
Just 4 Keepers Goal Keeping AcademyLough Moss Leisure Centre8-14 years31st July- 4th August10am-1pm£35
Just 4 Keepers Goal Keeping AcademyKirkwood Playing Fields8-14 years31st July- 4th August2pm-5pm£35
Junior Golf LessonsCastlereagh Hills Golf Course7-16 years3rd- 7th July10am-12pm£55
Castlereagh Hills Golf Course7-16 years14th-18th August10am-12pm£55
Junior Golf LessonsAberdelghy Golf Course7-16 years3rd- 7th July2pm-4pm£55
Aberdelghy Golf Course7-16 years14th-18th August2pm-4pm£55
Gaelic Football CampKirkwoods Playing Fields7-12 years14th – 18th August10am-1pm£35
Gaelic Football CampLough Moss Leisure Centre7-12 years21st – 25th August10am-1pm£35
CampVenueAgeDateTimeCostOnline booking link
Hard 2 Guard CampsLough Moss Leisure Centre5-15 years3rd-7th July9.30am-12.30pm£50 (with t-shirt)To book please visit
Lough Moss Leisure Centre5-15 years3rd-7th July1.30pm-4.30pm£50 (with t-shirt)To book please visit
Hard 2 Guard CampsLough Moss Leisure Centre14th-18th August14th-18th August9.30am-12.30pm£50 (with t-shirt)To book please visit
Lough Moss Leisure Centre14th-18th August14th-18th August1.30pm-4.30pm£50 (with t-shirt)To book please visit
Hard 2 Guard CampsKilmakee Activity Centre5-15 years14th-18th August11.30am-2pm£50 (with t-shirt)To book please visit

Swim Camp

The camp features a programme of children’s lessons, run over 5 consecutive days from Monday 17th July – Friday 25th August. 

The programme also offers a Saturday Swim Camp, running every Saturday from 15th July to 19th August.

Camp dates
Week 1: 17th-21st July
Week 2: 24th-28th July
Week 3: 31st July- 4th August
Week 4: 7th-11th August
Week 5: 14th-18th August
Week 6: 21st-25th August
Ducklings: 3 & 4 years old
Improvers: 5+ years (must be able to swim 5 metres)
Beginners: 5+ years
Kingfishers: 5+ years (must be able to swim 25 metres)
2-1-2 children to 1 teacher in the water (all abilities)
Rookie Lifeguard: 8+ years (must be able to swim 50 metres)
Adult swimming lessons (Saturday only)

Ice Skating Lessons

If you are looking to take up a cool new hobby or just want to build your confidence on the ice, then look no further than our Summer Learn to Skate programme at Dundoanld International Ice Bowl.

Courses runs over a 5 day period (Monday- Friday) specifically aimed at adult and children starting at Grade 1.

There are two classes on each course:

  • 5 -11 years
  • 12+ years (including adults)
17th-21st July11.30am-12.00pm (5-11 years)£65
17th-21st July12.00pm-12.30pm (12+ years)£65
24th-28th July11.30am-12.00pm (5-11 years)£65
24th-28th July12.00pm-12.30pm (12+ years)£65
31st July- 4th August11.30am-12.00pm (5-11 years)£65
31st July- 4th August12.00pm-12.30pm (12+ years)£65
14th-18th August11.30am-12.00pm (5-11 years)£65
14th-18th August12.00pm-12.30pm (12+ years)£65
21st-25th August11.30am-12.00pm (5-11 years)£65
21st-25th August12.00pm-12.30pm (12+ years)£65

How To Enrol

Enrolment for summer schemes, sports camps, activity courses and selected adult classes will be available to book online from 11am on Monday 5th June.